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Scott Bauer Roofing is a local Dayton commercial roofing contractor that specializes in commercial asphalt roofing, commercial flat roofing, commercial rubber roofing, commercial metal roofing, commercial shingle roof repairs, and commercial rubber roof repairs. With 45+ years of roof replacement and roof repair experience, there isn’t a roof we aren’t willing to fix. Our salaried project manager and quality control manager will thoroughly inspect all work to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications and local building code requirements. With transparency during our roof inspections on your commercial roof, we help walk you through the decision to make on how to best fix your roof. We are not here to sell you a roof replacement when all you need is a repair or simple roof maintenance. We would be thrilled to be your chosen commercial roofing company for your next project. There is not a job too large that we have yet to take on in our 23 years of business. We will get the job done correctly so that it is something you won’t have to worry about again. 20 Year Workmanship Warranties come with all commercial roof replacements.


Scott Bauer Roofing is fully licensed to make sure you (and we) are protected. We are skilled in most types of metal work and repair and of course shingle roofing from single family housing to apartment and condo communities. 


Scott Bauer Roofing brings the experience and resources needed to complete both small and large-scale commercial jobs, including:

  • Churches (including steeples and steep incline work)
  • Apartment, condo and multi-unit housing and housing complexes
  • Restaurants, Retail stores and strip malls
  • Industrial buildings, multi-story city scape type buildings.

We are experienced with a range of materials needed for commercial roofing. We work with most types of flat roofing materials, metal roofing, tile and shingle roofs. Our goal is to provide a job with the highest quality and workmanship at a competitive price to make sure you meet your project requirements without exceeding your resource limits. 

We Come With References

We know that choosing a commercial roofer is not an easy task. We will provide quality referrals that represent similar work requirements as your project so you can easily assess our capability to handle your job requirements. Our project teams will work with you to identify the project scope and challenges and help you write a specification and project scope that will get the job done as quickly as possible without breaking the bank in the process. Once the project is fully designed, we work with you and perhaps other contractors to make sure everyone is focused on getting the job done right, on-time and under budget. 

Call Us BEFORE Your Commercial Roofing Project

It goes without saying that even if you suspect issues, you should call us. It's better to have your roof inspected long before problems develop. Minor problems left unattended can turn into major issues. If your commercial roof is showing signs of wear and is threatening the safety of the structure it is supposed to protect, it is never too early to get in and repair the damage. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Scott Bauer Roofing for a prompt, professional and detailed inspection and estimate . Call us at 937-293-3702 to schedule your estimate, or use our contact form on this page to send us a quick email. 



This is a typical shot at the top of just about any downtown building. Flat roofs function in that they provide space for storing HVAC systems and similar bulky appliances. It's not unusual to also create patio and living space in these areas especially in commercial apartment buildings in the downtown area. The roof should be regularly inspected for water and drainage. Simple routine inspections can save thousands of dollars and countless hours in maintenance and repair.

metal roofing structure dayton ohio


Whether new construction or needing repair or replacement, Scott Bauer Roofing has years of experience. If you are considering a metal roof for your business or you need a metal roof repair or replacement, call us to work with you on an estimate. 


Scott Bauer Roofing will work with your local property management services team to make sure your multi-family housing roofing keeps your building and it's inhabitants safe. Schedule regular inspections and routine maintenance with us to prevent costly, unforseen surprises. If we detect damage caused by weather, we can work with your insurance company to repair the damage. We want to be part of your team. Don't just call us when you need us. Call us when you don't. We'd rather prevent the emergency than to have to respond to one. It's much better for everyone involved!



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