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Roofing Contactor Checklist for Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Dayton:

  1. “Backed” by the manufacturer certifications have nothing to do with “quality.” These certifications are handed out based on how many shingles the roofing company purchases from the manufacturer. If they buy a lot of shingles, the manufacturer offers them this bragging right. Again, “quantity” does not mean quality.
  2. Are they licensed and bonded?
  3. Are they willing to provide references? Can you speak directly with the references?
  4. What is the fine print in the warranties they offer? There’s always a catch with warranties. Make sure they are transparent with you.
  5. Do they follow the necessary OSHA safety guidelines when installing your roof?
  6. Do they take down payments or do you pay at the end of the job when your 100% satisfied?
  7. Can they answer your technical questions regarding code and manufacturer specifications? What is step flash and where is it installed? What is a cricket and the required sizes? What type of roofing underlayment is used? Are the underlayments approved by the manufacturer? How long has their installation crew been with them? Can they prove all of this?

Roofing Company Near Me?

in Can they prove their answers to your technical questions?

We recognize that this phrase became popular with Google searches as a suggestion. Well... be careful! Not all roofing companies are equal and just because there is a roofing company near you doesn't mean it's a good choice. Scott Bauer will often show up in this search so why are we giving you this warning? Because how close the roofing company is to your house (or whereever you're searching from) should be low on the list for reasons to choose a roofing company. Local yes! But next door... probably not - if that's your only criteria of choice.

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How to Choose a Reliable Roofing Contractor

in How many years has the roofing company been in business? Can they prove their answers to your technical questions?

A new roof is one of the most expensive home improvement investments that you can make. And it is just that, an investment. And while that investment is a considerable amount of money, consider the real investment that your roof is protecting - your house! When choosing the right contractor for this investment, it is critical to thoroughly do your homework on the company as the homeowner. It doesn’t matter how personable the salesperson is. It doesn’t matter how well they can speak. They are just out selling you a new roof. The company installing the roof is what matters!

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Do Not Depend on the "Google Reviews" Alone

in How did a roofing company get 100's of ONLY 5 star reviews? Do they have legitimate Google reveiws? Do they have a BBB A+ ragint?

Google has done an amazing job at helping consumers see who has the best reviews before making a purchase. Unfortunately, home improvement contractors have found ways around this to manipulate consumers. Should you rely on the Google Reviews?

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Does the Roofing Company You're Considering Have Adequate Insurance Coverage?

in Does the roofing company have adequate insurance coverage and can they prove it? Do they follow OSHA safety guidelines?

Proper insurance coverage by the roofing contractor is much more important than you may think. If a fatality or serious injury happens on your roof from one of the crew members, and the contractor has bare minimum insurance coverage, guess who is liable for the remaining costs from the lawsuit? You as the homeowner. It’s not right! These billboard attorneys market for these kinds of claims. They make a killing on these claims, and they can care less who they are negatively affecting.

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Does the roofing contractor have a full-time salaried project manager and quality control staff?

in Do they have a quality control manager? Do they have a project manager?

This is also very important to check when considering a reliable roofing contractor. Do they have a full time, salaried, installation expert, project manager, and quality control employee? Or, does the salesperson selling you the job “quality check” the work once complete? If this is stated by a salesperson, it is a red flag.

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Are They They Cheapest Roofing Contractor

in Why are they the cheapest price? Why are they the most expensive price?

The BBB conducted a study a few years ago and found something really interesting. Out of the 10.7 Million BBB complaints, 80% were the result of homeowners choosing the cheapest bid on their home improvement projects. They found contractors no longer in business when a warranty related issue needed addressed, contractors failing to honor warranties, improper installation, taking down payments, damaging personal property, etc. They typically focus on quantity and not quality, which justifies them selling the job cheap.

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Did they knock on your door? Are they storm chasers?

By now you have probably read or heard horror stories about storm chasers. When a storm hits, they open up shop for 3-5 years following, do a ton of marketing, sell a ton of roofs, and leave town 4-5 years later! If they come to open up shop here in Dayton, they have to find a random subcontractor to actually do your roof replacement. Think about that! Do they care about the quality? How can they claim anything about quality if they are hiring random crews to complete your roof replacement or roof repair?

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Storm Damage Roofing - Repair and Replacement

in How do I recognize Storm Damage?

Wind damage and hail damage to shingles and metals on a roof structure are the most common types of roofing storm damage that we see when we do our roof inspections. In Ohio, we experience wind annually that causes damage to asphalt shingles. For hail, we see a significant hail storm every 7-10 years with minor storms in between. Scott Bauer Roofing specializes in storm damage inspections and helps you as the homeowner walk through which route to take for your damage. Is it significant enough to start an insurance claim? How does your insurance company usually respond to storm damage claims? We are here to help!

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